Remove Blacklist on SMADAV Pro 2011 Rev. 8.7 | Free Download and Serial Key

Smadav 2011 Rev. 8.7: Addition of a new virus database 100, a new detection technique (FFD): the total for the prevention of virus from USB stick, english feature can now be used in SmadAV Free, Changes in the structure of settings, etc..

SmadAV 2011 Pro has many additional features that do not exist in SmadAV Free, the following are additional features that you would get on SmadAV Pro: Automatic Update Online, 10x Faster Scanning, Exception List, Maximize / Resize, Change Color Theme, Indonesian / English, Admin Password, and License Use of Profit. actually, you have to be a donor to get SmadAV Pro, but here we shall show how to get Smadav Pro without paying. First thing you have to make sure that your Smadav Free wasn't in black listed.

How to remove the blackList on Smadav Pro 8.7 (Smadav will appear in black)?? Follow this step:

  • Remove Smadav Real Time Protection, open Smadav, click Protection tab, then click Uninstal.
  • Delete Smadav Folder in C: Program File - Smadav.
  • Make sure your internet is not connected. Install Smadav Free 8.6, when the installation asked to activate SmaRTP click "no", then open Smadav,
  • If you already have black listed open "setting" tab clear the check list on basic settings and advance settings then type :
Nama: anti-bajakan
key: (leave it empty)
  • click "register"! Now the blacklist removed.
  • To update on smadav pro 8.7 just install the application, you can download here..
  • Success on installation then open Smadav Setting then type:
Nama : MWSmadav
Key : 995899520408
  • then click register.. Now, your Smadav is already in Pro, congratulations!
If you installation in Smadav 8.7 and have blackList, clear checklist on basic and advance setting in Setting tab then type:
Nama: anti-pembajakan
key: (leave it empty)

click register! and type one of this keys:

Nama : MWSmadav
Key : 995899520408

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Click register, done. Good Luck!


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