AVG Free Edition 2012 Updated Januari 2012

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. Use of AVG Free Edition within any organization or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Your use of AVG Free Edition shall be in accordance with and is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the AVG Free Edition License Agreement which accompanies AVG Free Edition. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free.

Features of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012:
  • Easy to download, install and use 
  • Automatic update functionality
  • The AVG Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection as files are opened and programs are run
  • The AVG E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail
  • The AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to perform scheduled and manual tests
  • Free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product
  • AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Award-winning antivirus and antispyware
  • Real-time safe internet surfing and searching
  • Quality proven by 80 million of users
  • Protection against viruses and spyware 
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
Download and try it here..

Remove Blacklist on SMADAV Pro 2011 Rev. 8.7 | Free Download and Serial Key

Smadav 2011 Rev. 8.7: Addition of a new virus database 100, a new detection technique (FFD): the total for the prevention of virus from USB stick, english feature can now be used in SmadAV Free, Changes in the structure of settings, etc..

SmadAV 2011 Pro has many additional features that do not exist in SmadAV Free, the following are additional features that you would get on SmadAV Pro: Automatic Update Online, 10x Faster Scanning, Exception List, Maximize / Resize, Change Color Theme, Indonesian / English, Admin Password, and License Use of Profit. actually, you have to be a donor to get SmadAV Pro, but here we shall show how to get Smadav Pro without paying. First thing you have to make sure that your Smadav Free wasn't in black listed.

How to remove the blackList on Smadav Pro 8.7 (Smadav will appear in black)?? Follow this step:

  • Remove Smadav Real Time Protection, open Smadav, click Protection tab, then click Uninstal.
  • Delete Smadav Folder in C: Program File - Smadav.
  • Make sure your internet is not connected. Install Smadav Free 8.6, when the installation asked to activate SmaRTP click "no", then open Smadav,
  • If you already have black listed open "setting" tab clear the check list on basic settings and advance settings then type :
Nama: anti-bajakan
key: (leave it empty)
  • click "register"! Now the blacklist removed.
  • To update on smadav pro 8.7 just install the application, you can download here..
  • Success on installation then open Smadav Setting then type:
Nama : MWSmadav
Key : 995899520408
  • then click register.. Now, your Smadav is already in Pro, congratulations!
If you installation in Smadav 8.7 and have blackList, clear checklist on basic and advance setting in Setting tab then type:
Nama: anti-pembajakan
key: (leave it empty)

click register! and type one of this keys:

Nama : MWSmadav
Key : 995899520408

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Click register, done. Good Luck!

Download Smadav Pro 2011 Rev. 8.6 | Free Key | Serial Number

Smadav 2011 Rev. 8 was released with many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Features such as Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in the database SmadAV of his behavior when infecting the system. Smad-Ray that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds.

SmadAV 2011 is more stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because it can only handle local virus. Immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously will be no confirmation so you can decide whether a flashdisk is protected or not.

SmadAV 8.6 Pro. here present to complete the smadav free version 8.6. For those of you who want to taste the reliability smadav pro 8.6 please follow these steps!

Previously, I encourage you to continue making donations to SMADAV, in order to become a better antivirus. I give this key only for personal interest. NOT to be traded!.

Download Smadav 8.6 in smadav.net then install or please Click Here

When you fill the key make sure the internet is not connected. If you get blacklisted, fill in the name column: anti-bajakan key: (empty)

for "Personal"
Nama : MW
Key : 085200547400

for "Warnet"
Nama : MW
Key : 775277547400

for "Perusahaan"
Nama : MW
Key : 995299547400

then press register smadav will then be automatically changed to pro, don't forget to give any comment here and good luck!

Top Antivirus 2011 (Updated Database) | Anti-Malware | Anti-Spyware

New collections of Antivirus updated on September 2011, now available to download with single click and FREE!, try it now! and get the latest update of the antivirus database here!

a-squared Free | Ad-Aware | AntiVir Personal | Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0.1289 | AVG Anti-Spyware | AVG Free Edition | BitDefender 10 Free Edition | ClamWin 0.97.2 | Cloud Antivirus 1.5.1 | CWShredder 2.19 | Emsisoft Anti-Malware | HijackThis 2.0.4 | Immunet Protect Free | Kaspersky Anti-Virus | Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.51.2 | McAfee VirusScan 10 | Microsoft Security Essentials | NOD32 AntiVirus 4.2.71 | ESET - 42.10MB (Commercial Trial) | Norton AntiVirus 2009 | Rootkit Revealer 1.71 | Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0 Beta 3 | Spyware Terminator | SpywareBlaster 4.4 | SuperAntiSpyware 5.0.1118 | Windows Defender 1.1.1593 | WinPatrol 20.5.2011.0

Here is the link ...

a-squared Free (Download)
Emsi Software - 82.40MB (Freeware)

Ad-Aware (Download)
Lavasoft - 120.77MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

AntiVir Personal (Download)
Avira GmbH - 64.74MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0.1289 (Download)
Avast Software - 56.22MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

AVG Anti-Spyware (Download)

AVG Free Edition (Download)
AVG Technologies - (Freeware)
AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1796 (32-bit) - Download
AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1796 (64-bit) - Download

BitDefender 10 Free Edition (Download)
BitDefender.com - 21.08MB (Freeware)

ClamWin 0.97.2 (Download)
ClamWin - 38.85MB (Open Source)

Cloud Antivirus 1.5.1 (Download)
Panda Security - 33.08MB (Freeware)

CWShredder 2.19 (Download)
Trend Micro Inc - 520KB (Freeware)

Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Download)
Emsi Software - 111.69MB (Commercial Trial)

HijackThis 2.0.4 (Download)
Trend Micro Inc - 1.34MB (Freeware)

Immunet Protect Free (Download)
Immunet Corporation - 453KB (Freeware)

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Download)
Kaspersky - 68.38MB (Commercial Trial)

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.51.2 (Download)
Malwarebytes - 9.40MB (Shareware)

McAfee VirusScan 10 (Download)
McAfee - 9.54MB (Commercial Trial)

Microsoft Security Essentials (Download)
Microsoft Corporation - (Freeware)
Security Essentials 2.1.1116 Vista 64-bit - Download
Security Essentials 2.1.1116 Vista - Download
Security Essentials 2.1.1116 XP - Download

NOD32 AntiVirus 4.2.71 (Download)
ESET - 42.10MB (Commercial Trial)

Norton AntiVirus 2009 (Download)
Symantec - 60.10MB (Commercial Trial)

Rootkit Revealer 1.71 (Download)
Microsoft SysInternals - 226KB (Freeware)

Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0 Beta 3 (Download)
PepiMK Software - 44.52MB (Freeware)

Spyware Terminator - 4.48MB (Freeware) (Download)

SpywareBlaster 4.4 (Download)
Javacool Software - 3.05MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

SuperAntiSpyware 5.0.1118 (Download)
SUPERAntiSpyware - 11.93MB (Freeware)

Windows Defender 1.1.1593 (Download)
Microsoft Corporation - 4.95MB (Freeware)

WinPatrol 20.5.2011.0 (Download)
BillP Studios - 803KB (Freeware)
Source : www.filehippo.com

Top 10 Antivirus on Desember 2009 - Download it now!

Most powerful Antivirus on Desember 2009, the top 10 antivirus which available to download with single click and FREE!, try it now! and get the latest update of the antivirus database here!
  1. AVG Free Edition 9.0... AVG Technologies - 74.19MB (Freeware)
  2. AntiVir Personal Edition 9.0... Avira GmbH - 29.48MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)
  3. Avast! Home Edition 4.8... Alwil Software - 39.90MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)
  4. BitDefender 10 Free Edition... BitDefender.com - 21.08MB (Freeware)
  5. ClamWin 0.95... ClamWin - 31.19MB (Open Source)
  6. Cloud Antivirus 1.0 Panda Security - 21.98MB (Freeware)
  7. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0... Kaspersky - 64.17MB (Commercial Trial)
  8. McAfee VirusScan 10... McAfee - 9.54MB (Commercial Trial)
  9. NOD32 Antivirus 4.0... ESET - 30.15MB (Commercial Trial)
  10. Norton Antivirus 2009... Symantec - 60.10MB (Commercial Trial)

Introducing new Antivirus product by Microsoft Corporation (freeware) :

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Start download the latest antivirus software and database for free!!

Download AVG Free Edition 9.0.707AVG Free Edition 9.0.707

AVG Technologies - 74.19MB (Freeware)
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free. In addition, the new included ...

Download AntiVir Personal Personal

Avira GmbH - 29.48MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)
Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs ...

Download Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1368Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1368

Alwil Software - 39.90MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)
avast! antivirus Home Edition represents the best free antivirus protection currently available on the market. This edition is FREE OF CHARGE for non-...

Download BitDefender 10 Free EditionBitDefender 10 Free Edition

BitDefender.com - 21.08MB (Freeware)
BitDefender Free Edition is your chance to use one of the world's most effective antivirus engines for free!

Download ClamWin 0.95.3ClamWin 0.95.3

ClamWin - 31.19MB (Open Source)
ClamWin is a Free Antivirus program for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and Vista. ClamWin Free Antivirus comes with an easy installer and open ...

Download Cloud Antivirus 1.0Cloud Antivirus 1.0

Panda Security - 21.98MB (Freeware)
Panda Cloud Antivirus protects you while you browse, play or work and you won’t even notice it. It is extremely light as all the work is done in the c...

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Anti-Virus

Kaspersky - 64.17MB (Commercial Trial)
Kaspersky anti-virus protects you from the Phishing and Malware sites that you wouldn't otherwise know were attempting to steal from you.

Download McAfee VirusScan 10McAfee VirusScan 10

McAfee - 9.54MB (Commercial Trial)
Proven security that protects against viruses and spyware

Download NOD32 AntiVirus 4.0.468NOD32 AntiVirus 4.0.468

ESET - 30.14MB (Commercial Trial)
ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the most effective protection you can find to combat today's huge volumes of Internet and email threats. It provides comprehen...

Download Norton AntiVirus 2009 AntiVirus 2009

Symantec - 60.10MB (Commercial Trial)
Norton Antivirus stops viruses, worms, spyware, bots, and more—Keeps your system protected against all types of malicious threats. Norton Insight deli...
Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Corporation - (Freeware)

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
Security Essentials 1.0.1611 Vista 64-bit - Download
Security Essentials 1.0.1611 Vista - Download
Security Essentials 1.0.1611 XP - Download


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