PCMAV 2.1 Valkyrie (Fixed) - Download PCMAV Terbaru

Download PCMAV 2.1 Valkyrie Fixed Update Buid3 + Express for Induc

Are you satisfied with PCMAV 2.0d Valkyrie?
Now the new release on PC Media Antivirus is PCMAV 2.1 Valkyrie Fixed, download and try to scan your computer again!

If any of you use PCMAV 2.1x series along with other antivirus in a PC, and get a warning that the file contains code PCMAV Induc viruses, no need to worry.

The virus is active ONLY when the computer have installed a Delphi Software with compiler version 4-7. In other words, this virus generally can not be active because only attack the programmer, developer or software house PC.

What happens if the virus is active? How to clean the computer from this virus (Express for Induc)?

The virus is made only for infect every application created using Delphi. it works to find out whether the computer installed Delphi applications. If there, then sought the files for Delphi innate SysConst.pas injected "code" is still really in the form of source code. Then, SysConst.pas files compiled to produce SysConst.dcu files. While the original files in SysConst.dcu-rename the virus becomes SysConst.bak. Files that have been contaminated with the virus can be found in the directory \ Program Files \ Borland \ DelphiX \ Lib, where X shows Delphi version.

What happens if the virus is active?

Of course, every application created using Delphi code will be boarded by this virus. For example when a programmer uses SysUtils unit in the program. But, it is important for you to know that this virus can only spread themselves on your computer if there are 4-7 versions of Delphi, and he's not doing damage, like deleting files or other things. Thus, any programmer that makes software using Delphi that contains the virus code, the software will be detected as a virus by the antivirus, as a result the software in-block and can not be used. And no doubt, has many applications made with Delphi, even though popular, had boarded it. One of including third-party components (third party) from a professional developer PCMAV used by generations of 2.1x.

So how do I clean the computer from this virus?

For now, the action can be done on the infected file is deleted a file compilation of Delphi. Then, do the rebuild again for all applications created with Delphi are infected. But before doing rebuild or recompile, you need to improve SysConst.dcu files that have been infected. Way, simply delete SysConst.dcu file, then copy files SysConst.bak be SysConst.dcu. And let SysConst.bak file, so that your computer is not infected anymore. All these files can be found in the Delphi program directory, default in "\ Program Files \ Borland \ DelphiX \ Lib", where X shows the version of Delphi. The easiest way, do the scan using PCMAV Express for Induc to overcome this virus completely. And lastly, please contact the software manufacturer and let them know that the software had been boarded by Induc virus code.

Once again, no need to worry too much. As long as you're not a programmer / developer using Delphi and Delphi compiler versions on your computer 4-7, then certainly this virus will never be active.

Jika PCMAV RTP tidak bisa dijalankan (error), maka coba hapus file RTPScan.dll dan RTPSvc.exe di c:\windows\system32.

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